Special Events

Do you have an upcoming event? Let AM&E deliver an impressive player gift, on time and within your budget. Combine your club logo, event name, and customization options on any of our products to create a memorable and treasured item. Individual player’s name can be added to every order. No event is too large or too small.


Golf is a science, the study of a lifetime, in which you can exhaust yourself but never your subject.

David Forgan


AM&E Programs provide a variety of creative designs that allow for endless customization and personalization. With multiple Programs to choose from, see what works for you.

Minimums and setup costs may apply

Hot Stamp

Create a custom debossed fabric with hot stamp design, logo or text then top it off with your embroidered club logo. Ultraleather® fabrics only.


Full Coverage

AM&E was the first to utilize the entire product surface by putting bold, oversized graphics from edge to edge. Combine full coverage with textured stitching and appliqué for a creative and unique design.

Special Year

Showcase the founding year of your golf course, the current year of an event, or the marking of an anniversary. Each features a date, text and an icon, with the year embroidered in a running stitch, set under the club or event logo.




This style is perfect for stock or special events. It highlights your club or event logo with bold red, white and blue accents. Navy appliqué and embroidered stars stand out against a field of white, creating a patriotic design with a strident statement of fun and celebration.


Stars & Stripes

Enhance your brand with the ultimate patriotic flair. We custom designed the Stars & Stripes Collection specifically for Victor Head Covers in Snow Promessa, as well as Universal Large Mallet, Standard, and Mid-Mallet putter covers in White Ultraleather®.

American Beauty Reverb

This style was created specifically for the Reverb® Head Cover. It highlights your club or event logo with bold red, white and blue accents. Navy appliqué and embroidered stars stand out on a field of White Ultraleather®.



Products can be personalized at the individual or event level. Our standard personalization options include a variety of fonts. (Fees may apply)

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42 HI Joanne Balestrieri 808.223.9151
44 MD, VA, Wash. DC Matthew Miskelly 571.212.3948
45 NM Richard Burrows 505.344.8277
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49 S. NJ, DE John Higinbotham 610.223.6706
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99 College Golf Teams Dan Fergal 480.227.7025