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When you think AME, you think head covers, and for good reason. The AME name has been synonymous with top quality head covers for over 50 years.

But our product line goes well beyond head covers, providing our signature combination of top quality materials, expert workmanship, innovative design, and creative customization and personalization in head covers, putter covers, shoe bags, microfiber towels, drawstring bags, utility pouches, and more.


For those who know golf. ®


Find a Sales Rep

AME is dedicated to serving “green grass” customers — club members, PGA pros, tour players, junior golfers, college coaches — the ones with golf in their blood.

We get to know those customers personally through our network of manufacturer’s sales reps, all of whom are veterans of the golf business and who know our line of products and our customers’ needs equally well. If you live and breathe golf, you probably already know your AME rep, and if you don’t, we invite you to reach out today.

Golf is deceptively simple and endlessly complicated; it satisfies the soul and frustrates the intellect. It is at the same time rewarding and maddening—and it is without a doubt the greatest game mankind has ever invented.

Arnold Palmer

Custom Design

We don’t mass produce anything.

Each of our products is custom-crafted to your specifications, so you get exactly the product you want in the style and color you want. For example, we offer six standard head cover styles, each with your choice of fabrics, colors, layouts, custom logos, font styles, and personalization. In head covers alone, that’s over 120,000 unique style options.

Custom crafting takes time, but our hundreds of thousands of fanatical customers agree: It’s worth the wait for an exceptional quality product crafted to your exact preferences.



Personalization takes each AME product to the next level.

Products can be personalized at the individual level, such as a set of monogrammed head covers, or at the event level, where every golfer at an member/guest event, for example, receives a drawstring bag customized with the club’s colors, logo, and event name and date. Our standard personalization options include a variety of fonts, thread colors, and monogram styles, and we’re happy to accommodate custom request, as well.


We are a wholesaler and do not sell direct to the public.
Orders can be placed through your favorite golf course.

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Office Hours: 7 am to 4 pm, M-F, AZ Standard Time.

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