Special Events

Do you have an upcoming event? Let AM&E® deliver an impressive player gift, on time and within your budget. Combine your club logo, event name, and customization options on any of our products to create a memorable and treasured item. No event is too large or too small.


Golf is a science, the study of a lifetime, in which you can exhaust yourself but never your subject.

David Forgan

Signature hole

One of our most attractive designs, this layout captures the beauty of your most celebrated hole through stunning embroidery on almost any of our products.



Color and texture can come to life with appliqué. Feature an element of your logo by cutting it out of a different color material and having it embroidered on an AME head cover or accessory. Another creative way to enhance your brand and create sell through.

Hot Stamp

Would you like a custom fabric with a 3-dimensional look? Then hot stamp is the answer. Hot stamp a design, a repeating club name, or an event name. Then top it off with your embroidered club logo.


Full Coverage

AME was the first to utilize the entire product surface by putting bold, oversized graphics from edge to edge. Combine full coverage with textured stitching and appliqué for a creative and unique design. 

Special Year and Clubhouse

Special Year and Club House

Every year counts and some are extra special.

Whether it’s the founding year of your golf course, the current year of an event, or the marking of an anniversary, these designs offer a creative way to add a touch of history and commemorate an event. Each features a date, text and an icon, with the year embroidered in a running stitch, set under the club or event logo.

One of the most recognizable and possibly an iconic aspect of your golf course is your Club House. For stock or your next event, reproduce or highlight the distinctive architecture of your Club House with a running stitch.



Personalization takes each AM&E product to the next level.

Products can be personalized at the individual level or at the event level, where every golfer at a member/guest event, for example, receives a product customized with the club’s colors, logo, and event name and date. Our standard personalization options include a variety of fonts and material choices, and we’re happy to accommodate custom requests, as well (set-up fees may apply).

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