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Company History


1969 – Founder Jack Gaffney designs the first barrel headcover out of pile fabric (commonly known as faux fur.) When compared to the knit socks and leather covers of that era, Gaffney’s design proved superior at protecting wooden drivers and fairway club heads from both impact and moisture damage. The design, material, and method of construction was widely copied.

1970 — Arizona Manufacturing and Embroidery, now known throughout the golf industry as AM&E, sells its first wood covers to The Dell View Hotel and Golf Course, WI and Papago Golf Course, AZ.

1978 – While still manufacturing out of a garage in Phoenix, Arizona, AM&E purchases one of the first commercial embroidery machines.

1981 – AM&E leases industrial space in Tempe, Arizona and signs on sales representatives Bill Miller, Tom Brown, Dennis Parks, and John Suvages. The company begins to fulfill head cover orders for The Ben Hogan Company.

1982 – AM&E purchases cutting edge CAD system to facilitate the creation of high quality embroidery designs in house.

1983 – AM&E attends its first PGA Merchandise Trade Show in a parking structure in Anaheim, California.

1984 – AM&E applies for a utility patent on a novel putter cover design.

1985 – AM&E builds a production facility in Tempe, Arizona.

1986 – AM&E receives a utility patent for its innovative putter cover design and is now widely considered the industry standard.

1987 – AM&E Design buys Tex Ten for the purpose of developing UV resistant stretch pile fabrics.

1992 – AM&E designs and implements proprietary software built to fulfill highly customized orders and provide design services for green grass retail establishments.

1994 – AM&E applies for multiple utility patents for innovative driver, fairway and utility covers.

1995 – AM&E purchases advanced embroidery equipment from Germany.

1997 – AM&E is awarded patents for driver, fairway, and utility covers. The innovative designs address the growing popularity of oversized drivers.

1998 – AM&E licenses its patent technology for golf club covers to Callaway Golf.

2006 – AM&E develops new putter cover designs and later applies for patents for such designs.

2008 – AM&E co-sponsors the first annual PGA Magazine Merchandiser of the Year with Ping, Aldila, and Ashworth.

2009 – AM&E celebrates 40 years in business.

2012 – AM&E is awarded domestic and international utility patent rights for its magnetic Snap-Fit putter cover.

2013 – AM&E moves to a larger production facility at 1200 South Priest Drive in Tempe, Arizona.